Weight Loss Plan - Lose 5 lbs. in 10 days

As life-long fitness professionals helping thousands of people connect to their weight loss success, Greg and Beth Smith, originators of CLICK Coffee Protein Drink mix know what works!  Getting that first 5 pounds off is often the motivation you need to achieve your overall weight-loss and health goals. That's why the Smith's created CLICK ® and this easy to follow personal weight-loss challenge for you!

CLICK Weight Loss Plan 

The plan is simple and it works!  Just follow the daily eating plan. The CLICK Weight Loss Plan is designed to keep your energy up while curbing your appetite and keeping your calorie intake low.  With a combination of CLICK, healthy food choices and daily exercise, you will boost your energy, burn fat and curb your appetite to finally achieve your health and weight-loss goals.

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Here is why the CLICK Weight Loss Plan works

It's simple to follow. Nothing complicated here. The key is fueling your body throughout the day; to keep you feeling full and satisfied (that's why diet's don't work!).  With CLICK's one-of-a-kind formula, you have the appetite curbing power of coffee AND protein, plus CLICK satisfies your cravings too! 

Delicious and nutritious too. What better way to provide your body with the energy and nutrition you need than with a decadent tasting coffee-house drink that you love!  Let's be honest, most protein shakes taste nasty!  CLICK tastes so good, you'll forget it's good for you too!

Keeps you energized.  We all know we make poor eating choices when we are tired. The biggest secret to weight-loss is keeping your energy up (hello espresso coffee) while reducing calories, and at the same time, providing your body with nutrition needed to burn fat and fuel muscle.

Convenient and easy.  Simply keep a canister of CLICK at home and the office with your shaker cup.  All you need is access to filtered water, and you can CLICK where-ever you go.   The other meals and snacks can be prepped together at the start of each week using your favorite low-calorie site such as Cooking Light Recipe Finder.

About CLICK, The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink™

CLICK Coffee Protein Drink®, is the brainchild of life-long fitness buffs and entrepreneur couple, Greg and Beth Smith. CLICKco LLC located in Clovis, CA strives to be an ethical company providing premium all-in-one beverages to enhance those seeking healthier lifestyles. Fitness Couple Sought a Solution

CLICK (klik) means to succeed, connect, fit well together, and by its definition, energizes people to reach their potential to be a success in health and in life.

Greg and I would love to have you try CLICK for yourself. We offer both a Try CLICK Special Offer which includes a free blender ball CLICK Shaker or single-serving packets. Just "click on" the special offers menu option at the top of this page. We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our story. If you need any other information, please use the contact option below. Thank YOU and Have a CLICK'n Day.  Drink Click Blog: Weight Loss Plan - Lose 5 lbs. in 10 days













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