Frequently Asked Questions about CLICK Coffee Protein Drink Mix

Below are frequently asked questions about CLICK, the all-in-one, coffee protein drink mix.  For more information, please use Contact Us 

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Q. What makes CLICK Coffee Protein different than other protein drinks?

  • More than just a protein drink, CLICK is designed as a meal replacement with 23 essential vitamins and minerals as well as protein and espresso coffee. Other products do not provide the nutrition (vitamins and minerals) and are designed as a protein shake that supplements a meal, whereas at 120 calories CLICK can be your meal
    • CLICK provides a double-shot of espresso. The caffeine in CLICK is from the espresso coffee (not coffee flavor or added synthetic caffeine which most products is listed as a separate ingredient). The espresso provides 150 mg of caffeine (about the amount found in a mug of brewed coffee) and provides a richer, gourmet flavor.
    • CLICK does use a little bit of real sugar but that is too keep the amount of sucralose down so there is not an “artificial flavor taste”. CLICK contains a very minuscule amount of sucralose - the entire canister contains only 1/5 of a teaspoon of sucralose or 1/70 of a teaspoon per serving.
    • CLICK provides samples so you can try CLICK before committing to a full canister Here is our sampler offer with free shipping

Q: Do you provide samples?

A: As a small entrepreneurial company (with big plans), we are happy to share that we do have single-serving packets available for purchase so you may try before you buy. The single-serving packets are also a convenient way to take CLICK to work, gym or for travel.  The packets are available in the Products section of our website.

Q: How much caffeine is in a serving of CLICK and does CLICK contain real coffee or is it a coffee flavor or added caffeine?

A: CLICK is unique in that it contains a double-shot of real, gourmet espresso coffee; not coffee flavoring or added caffeine that some protein products may contain so you get all the health benefits of coffee too!  A serving of any of the CLICK products is the same as a 12-14 ounce brewed coffee (about 150 mg of caffeine).  With CLICK you get the value, energy and health benefits of a coffee-house drink and protein meal replacement, all-in-one!  

Q: What is the protein source in CLICK, the all-in-one, coffee protein, meal replacement drink?

A: CLICK uses a premium grade protein, calcium caseinate.   While similar to whey protein, calcium caseinate is known as the weight loss proteinas it's slower digesting than whey and other proteins to keep you full longer and along with the caffeine found in our espresso coffee will help boost your energy and curb your cravings. Calcium caseinate is also naturally low in sodium, fat and lactose, a good alternative for those who are lactose sensitive

Q: What is the difference between CLICK, coffee protein, meal replacement drink versus a typical protein shake?

A: Compared to protein shakes, meal replacements are usually lower in calories about 90- 200 calories and include other nutritional elements that are helpful for weight management. For more information, see our featured CLICK Blog article, "MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES VS PROTEIN SHAKES: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?

Q: Can I make CLICK hot?  What is the best way to make CLICK??

CLICK Coffee Protein Blender Ball Shaker CupA: CLICK, unlike other protein drinks, is designed to be enjoyed as a hot coffee protein drink as well as iced or blended frappe style. 

For best results, first shake CLICK in a shaker cup, just like any other protein powder and then change the temperature. Just remember liquid first (water or milk), then powder on top. Please follow the step-by-step directions on the back of the canister or packet.

Can CLICK can be mixed with milk instead of water?

Yes.  Milk of any kind, almond, rice, etc.  If you are watching calories, just make sure to add the additional calorie count.  Some fans like 1/2 water and 1/2 milk as well.  Make sure to check-out our CLICK fan recipes on this website with all sorts of CLICK-concoctions. Fans have used CLICK to make pudding, pancakes even CLICK-pops!  For more CLICK recipes, see our CLICK Recipe Blog.

Q: Where can I find the nutrition facts and ingredients?

A:You canfind the nutrition facts on our website by the individual containers.  See the nutrition facts tab in the description. Here are the nutrition facts for CLICK Coffee Protein

Q: Why do you use sucralose?

A: All current CLICK products are naturally flavored, colored, gluten-free and CLICK’s high quality protein is made from cows that are NOT treated with rBST. CLICK contains a very minuscule amount of sucralose ~ the entire canister of CLICK (12 to 14 servings) contains 1/5 of a teaspoon of sucralose or 1/70 of a teaspoon per serving. To keep the sugar and calories down but still provide the CLICK “Wow” taste, we use sucralose.  To get the same taste using sugar, it would take *6 teaspoons of sugar in each serving!  *Note, the American Heart Association recommends men limit added sugar to 9 tsp. per day and that women limit added sugar to 6 tsp. per day.

Q: Is CLICK gluten free?

A: CLICK is 100% gluten free. Allergens:  Contains Milk and Soy found in Soy Lecithin

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Currently we ship to the continental U.S. only. There are several online retailers that carry CLICK and do ship internationally. And, CLICK is available in Canada on

Q. What happened to CLICK Decaf mocha?

CLICK Decaf is discontinued.  Unfortunately, the number of orders for CLICK Decaf has been declining significantly each year and as a small entrepreneurial business, we can no longer afford to produce this product (we did try our best).  It was a difficult decision as we know there are customers that will be disappointed.  We will continue to evaluate the interest for the future. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Q. The inner seal was broken when I unscrewed the top.  Is the product safe?

A: Yes.  The inner seal is a freshness seal.  Many times when you unscrew the top, the inner seal will cause resistance and will loosen.  The seal needs to be removed to access the powder.  If the outer, plastic seal has been compromised or is missing, please let us know, and we will send a call tag to return and replace the item.

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