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 Our Story

We all know the love affair one has with their cup of java.  Just look at every street corner. There is a coffee shop available to fuel our coffee passion. We will stand in line or sit in the drive thru waiting for our magical elixir!

But, can we take our coffee experience to a new level; one that indulgences our coffee pleasure but also provides more nutritionally so we can finally achieve our weight loss and fitness goals!?  What about combining espresso coffee, essential vitamins and protein into a gourmet tasting drink that delivers more purpose?

The idea that CLICK-ed!

We'd like to introduce to you CLICK® the best-selling coffee protein drink mix.  As business entrepreneurs, fitness specialists and founders of a chain of women’s fitness centers, we came up with the innovative idea of combining the benefits of an energy boosting coffee-house drink and premium meal replacement protein shake into an all-in-one, healthier-for-you drink. At our women's fitness centers, we were educating our members on the value of protein especially for breakfast as protein will keep you full longer, reduces fat storage, and helps preserve lean muscle mass. It also makes it easier to control your weight and stabilizes blood sugar levels. What we found was many of our members were using gourmet coffee drinks as their breakfast. The idea behind CLICK® was to provide the indulgence and energy consumers crave in a beverage that not only tastes good but is good for you too. After months of formulating and testing, CLICK Coffee Protein Drink Mix was created and commercialized with great success.  The feedback and support from our loyal CLICK fans as been beyond anything we ever expected!

CLICK (klik) means to succeed, connect, fit well together, and by its definition, energizes people to reach their potential to be a success in health and in life.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about our story. Let us know what more we can do as a company to keep you inspired to reach your healthy living goals.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience the many benefits of CLICK for yourself, as a small entrepreneurial business, we are proud to offer our CLICK Sampler to try before you commit to a full canister ==> CLICK Sampler Offer 

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Thank YOU for CLICK'n with us!

Greg and Beth Smith
CLICK Originators

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