6 Tips to CLICK-Start Weight-Loss Success

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CLICK Weight Loss Success

Here we are again, with new resolutions, promises, and expectations. Most involve self-improvement and some sort of revitalization of health and fitness. Sound familiar? Well, if you are anything like the CLICK Community you are anxious to see instantaneous changes.

Nothing is more inspiring than positive results. Building confidence through small, quick, and sustainable changes is key.  It’s not about sacrificing; it’s about creating a healthier YOU. 

Here are 6 tips to CLICK-start your New Year with Weight Loss Success

1. Small and steady wins the race - When you are determined to slim down, set goals that can be achieved in 1 - 3 week increments so you create that feeling of crossing the finish line.  

2. Turn off the negative voices - Always keep the tone positive! You are not just losing weight; you are gaining self-confidence, better health and self-esteem.

3. Remember you've done this before Perhaps you haven't successfully slimmed down in the past, but you've reached other goals. Have you improved your eating habits? Given up soda? Participated in an organized sport? The idea that you can achieve other successes and not lose weight is false!

4. Respect your method - If you are motivated by tough love, embrace it. If you need to be gentle with yourself, do that! It's different from person to person and that is okay! Either way, acknowledge every pound lost, even if you don't throw yourself a party over it ;)

5. Keep it simple silly (KISS) - Weight loss truly can be simple and embraceable, it’s people that complicate it!  The key is to keep your energy high and your calorie intake low. With a combination of CLICK Coffee Protein Drink, healthy food choices and daily exercise, you will "CLICK off" the weight and finally connect to your success!

6. When in doubt…move MORE - Make it a challenge to find more ways to be active in your daily life. Try taking stairs at work versus using the elevator. Park your car further from the entry door while shopping. Take more small walks throughout the day, 10-minute intervals, 3 times per day.


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