CLICK High Protein Coffee Recipes

Pumpkin Spice CLICK-Smoothie

September 04, 2017 1 Comment

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CLICK Coffee Protein Mug Cake

August 29, 2017

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CLICK Caramel Mocha Energy Bar Recipe

August 22, 2017

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CLICK Banana Nut Smoothie

August 16, 2017

This recipe is perfect to make with CLICK or CLICK Active Vanilla Latte but also is just as yummy with CLICK or CLICK Active Mocha for a more decadent chocolate banana flavor! Ideal as a quick CLICK-me-up breakfast or energy boosting, post-workout recovery snack.

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August 09, 2017

Recipe shared by the CLICK-tastic @diaryofafitmommyofficial

I made these amazing, energizing muffins to eat prior to my workout this morning. It contains caffeine from the espresso in my CLICK Active protein shake. Yup... a protein powder WITH coffee in it? ☕️ Praise the Lord!

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CLICK Me S’More Smoothie Recipe

August 01, 2017

At CLICK, our mantra is “substitute don’t sacrifice”. Conjure up the wonderful feeling and taste of S’Mores around the campfire with CLICK Me S’more Smoothie recipe. Adding CLICK or CLICK Active mocha flavor not only adds nutrition and protein but also gives this recipe a rich, chocolaty espresso flavor to boost your energy and satisfy your sweet tooth!

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CLICK'n Blueberry Smoothie

July 26, 2017

We love this CLICK'n blueberry smoothie recipe. It’s an easy way to get in a serving of fruit that’s high in antioxidants plus added fiber. Not to mention CLICK’s decadent, premium-grade mocha and combined with sweet blueberry is so tasty that you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth too!

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CLICK Protein Espresso Bites

July 11, 2017

This no-bake recipe is so easy to make and delish too! Keep these mighty little appetite-curbing, energy-boosting bites in your refrig for your go-to snack when you're craving a little treat. So'll forget their good for you too!

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CLICK Cinnamon Bun Smoothie Recipe

June 28, 2017

This CLICK-yummy cinnamon smoothie made with CLICK or CLICK Active Vanilla Latte tastes like a Cinnabon with a side of coffee without the 59 g of sugar & 36 g of fat (omg)!  Plus this decadent energy-boost smoothie recipe made with CLICK or CLICK Active supports fat-burning, helps keep blood sugar stable and fends off food cravings!  

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Coffee Protein CLICK-Pop

May 30, 2017

CLICK-Pop, made withCLICK or CLICK Active, is a fun, tasty summer treat that helps you lose weight and feel great!   Unlike ice cream, CLICK-Pops are low in sugar, fat and calories and are perfect for a mid-day snack or after-dinner dessert. Plus, with CLICK’s unique gourmet coffee and protein combination, you stay full longer, your metabolism works more efficiently and you feel energized longer to keep "CLICK'n On" all summer long!

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Turtle Pecan CLICK Shake

May 16, 2017 1 Comment

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Black Forest Cherry CLICK Recipe

May 09, 2017

Black Forest Cherry CLICK Coffee Protein Recipe

It's cherry season! You're going to love this this protein-packed, Black Forest Cherry CLICK recipe a decadent. subtly sweet. seasonal pick-me-up! Coffee loves chocolate loves cherries - now that CLICKs!

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