We appreciate your interest in CLICK and CLICK Active!  What easier way to get the protein you need for weight loss or to support your active lifestyle then through a beverage you truly love - coffee! 

Known as The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink,CLICK and CLICK Active have thousands for 5-star reviews. Please take a moment to read what our customers have been saying below.

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My sister referred me to Click. She knows I love coffee but also want to be healthy. Click is amazing. I get the flavor of the coffee but stay full longer too!! Click has fit perfect into my lifestyle of intermittent fasting! Love me some Click!!


Love the mocha flavor. I've lost 147 lbs six years ago and staying strong

My morning must-have

I have been drinking Click nearly every morning for 10 years. It gives me a great start to the day and keeps me going until lunch. I am a teacher and many of my colleagues come in dragging from time to time. They are quick to ask me how I get myself going on those tough days. I always tell them it's my Click.

Great protein source

I've been using Click mocha for over 5 years now and I love it.

When Bux Can’t Cut It...

I pretend to be my own barista! Using Click, I can make delightful coffee drinks that meet my needs of higher protein and low sugar. I love that the powder can be used hot or cold with ease—never clumpy or gritty. I do miss the decaf version, and wish they would come out with unsweetened and plain coffee versions—my holy grail of coffee!

click in the morning

I love the click mocha after I workout. I make it a shake and get the caffeine and nutrients and energy that i need to go on with the rest of my day. The mocha shake tastes great.


I have never been a big coffee drinker until now! After bariatric sleeve surgery I wanted to find coffee with protein for a treat. Click is the perfect blend of coffee and flavor. No creamer necessary! I love the vanilla latte over ice. Yummy!

Best iced Coffee EVER

I add Click Mocha Protein to a little leftover coffee
and mix it up, pour over ice and heaven has arrived

Loved it!

Tried the vanilla and mocha flavors, loved them both! Just purchased a mocha canister from I did both in a bullet with ice, felt like I was drinking a shake without the guilt. Would love to see a variety pack offered at some point. Would love to try the caramel flavor at some point. Thank you for making a great product.

Click coffee

Ive been drinking this for 2 years, absolutely love it.

Important part of our daily routine

We are long time consumers of Click Coffee Protein. It is a valuable and dependable part of our daily routine. We highly recommend this wonderful product.

this coffee protein drink does taste good but doesn't give me any energy I still need my regular coffer

The Perfect Protein Drink

Being unable to swallow any of the usual protein drinks, tasting horrendous, I am extremely happy to have discovered Click coffee protein powder! Have been buying it for 6 months+. Caramel being my favorite, I add 2 pumps of Torani sugar free syrup for a 6 ounce serving (the max I'm able to invest at one time). Have 2-3 cups a day using the 6 ounce serving in my Kureig. Perfection!

Chocolate Cougar

I’m very pleased with this coffee, I had the sleeve weight loss surgery, and this is a good way to get that extra protein in , I wish you had this in more flavors😍😍😍😍😍

Great product!

The only protein drink I love!

Love Coffee

This protein mix was awesome, mixes well and the taste was great!

1st time user

I actually enjoyed it. Shared with my cousin and she loved it too.

Love It

I drink Click every morning in my coffee! Mocha is my favorite! I love the fast shipping and great taste!

Fabulous Flavor

I love all three flavors! I often blend them in my nutribullet with almond milk and ice then stir in a little sugar free whip cream for a mock frappacino. It’s my go to breakfast that keeps me full for hours!

My Daily Routine Since 2016

I lost a significant amount of weight in 2016 & once at my ideal weight - I needed a morning routine that met my nutritional & caffeine needs & was not high in calories. I have been faithful daily to Click It - to maintain my health!

Taste Great

I have only been on it a few days and it doesn't make me hungry. To soon for me to tell and weight loss.

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