We appreciate your interest in CLICK and CLICK Active!  What easier way to get the protein you need for weight loss or to support your active lifestyle then through a beverage you truly love - coffee! 

Known as The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink,CLICK and CLICK Active have thousands for 5-star reviews. Please take a moment to read what our customers have been saying below.

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Best protein coffee ever!

I’m am in love with this. It’s a game charger for coffee lovers who want something healthy and still have a great taste without all the sugary stuff added at your local or chain shops. Highly recommend

I like the coffee i will keep getting it i see it on Facebook

It tasted really good

I only used unsweetened almond milk and all 3 flavors were amazing. I tried a different more expensive brand and couldn't even handle two sips. Will be purchasing soon!

Terry Hagan

I love Click. Gives me protein and an energy boost.

Great stuff

I love this stuff it tastes great and works great too. Keep up the good work

Love Click protein!

I bought the samples and they were all great! Definitely ordering again!

Tastes Great!

Was looking to add some protein to my diet. I make this as cold coffee over ice and love it !


I love this coffee I’ve tried 2 flavors so far and both are great and delicious!😋

CLICK Coffee & Protein, Canister, Vanilla Latte Flavor

Loved it. Ended up ordering some more but forgot to use the free shipping.


This is the first meal replacement/protein powder that meets all my needs. The flavor is great, it controls my hunger from morning to lunch, and the coffee is the boost I need in the morning.

I Love Click'n In The Morning!

I recently ordered the Click Sample pack and so far, it has NOT disappointed! I'm NOT usually a fan of Vanilla coffee and/or protein drinks, but Click Vanilla is pretty doggone tasty! Click has WONDERFUL flavor and mixes very easily without lumps or grittiness! I've been trying to save the BEST for last because I don't know when I'll be able to order the canisters of Click that I want. I'll probably try the Caramel in the morning and have NO doubt I'll love it; then Mocha another day because that'll likely be my MOST favorite flavor! I'm loving Click Protein Coffee drinks and will be ordering more as soon as I can afford to! Thanks for such a GREAT product!!

Keep Click'n!
Alexia W.

Great Product!

I recently received my first order and love it. The taste is great, would recommend it.

Coffee protein tastes great! Want more!

I've tried 2 out of 3 in the sample pack. They taste so good. I'm going to buy more.

I ❤️ Click Coffee!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 sample packets and will definitely be ordering the canisters. The energy level and the feeling of actually being awake during day, was amazing! Not a jittery feeling, just a great feeling! I highly recommend!

Loved the Latte

I just today tried the first of my samples, vanilla latte. It was wonderful.


Tastes great!!!! Product came very fast. Will continue to order. Very filling.

Amazing protein shake

I have been drinking protein shakes since 2009 when I had lap- band surgery. I purchased the Mocha and I have to say this is THE BEST protein shake I've ever had. I mix it with almond milk and I'm good to go.

Great product and taste.

Love this product, they all taste great. Very conveniant for work.

I really love this!

You can notice the energy after drinking this and keeps you full. I tried the sampler pack and ended up buying the Vanilla. All 3 flavors were yummy!


All 3 of these have an amazing flavor... the caffeine is a great boost too

Great tasting product

I bought the sample pack & like it so much that I bought a larger bottle of the caramel. I actually thought all 3 flavors were good. It keeps me full so no unnecessary snacking.


Love it taste great !

Tasty cold is my favorite.

I love this coffee cold the best. I make it up with a bunch of ice and enjoy!! I am on low carb living now due to my sugars rising, so this is perfect. I will be ok for a while before I need to order. LOL Love this product.

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