We appreciate your interest in CLICK, the original, best-selling, coffee protein meal replacement drink, has helped thousands achieve, health, fitness & weight-loss success! !  What easier way to get the protein you need for to support your helathy active lifestyle then through a beverage you truly love - coffee! 

Known as The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink,CLICK has thousands for 5-star reviews. Please take a moment to read what our customers have been saying below.

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My weight loss strategy

Incorporating this into my daily diet - helped me lose 60 libs & keep it off 5 years later! Grateful to this drink - so I am not tempted to get a yummy, spendy drink at my local coffee shop either !

Click is the Best

Use Click daily. All the flavors are very good and mix well with water, milk or coffee. Especially like the caramel flavor. Ordering online is straight forward. Confirmation, processing and shipping is efficient and fast.

Coffee For the tired

I loved it it taste so good better then DDS &other ,It more stronger too

Great taste

Absolutely love this coffee. I had VGS not long ago so one packet last me 3 days. I do wish they offered the packets in multipacks that you could choose the flavors (the mocha is ok, but I don't think I would buy it for myself since I like the vanilla and caramel better)

Loving Vanilla Latte for Years

I've been enjoying Click vanilla latte flavor for years. It is delicious and a great quick breakfast or snack. I recently bought the three packet variety pack. It was perfect to carry over Thanksgiving weekend.

Love Click!!

I was given Click as a gift and from the first time I tried it I was very impressed about the quality of this protein powder. I have stomach issues and have to be careful with what I eat but to my surprised this protein not only set well in my stomach but tasted totally amazingly delicious. Thank you for creating such great product! Ill recommend it to averybody!


I tried all 3 of the Click Coffee Protein powders and absolutely loved them! I cant wait to order more. My new favorite for sure. They tasted amazing and mixed well.

Best protein shake I've had

Tried a sample first, loved them, placed an order. Starts my morning with great taste and keeps me going for longer then any other protein mix I've tried.

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Fabulous product!!

Excellent flavor!! Very filling and very convenient!! HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!

So good, worth the effort

I’ve been a coffee & protein fan since my gastrectomy in 2019. I’ve been doing espresso over ice & adding my RTD shake. Which up until shit shut down on March 16th was fine. Then I was home for an indeterminate amount of time with no coffee at home.
I started the search. A MLM seller of it works found me & I INVESTED in that product. Again, fine. Fit the bill. Except it didn’t dissolve well cold. Which in the summer, was my preferred method. So I’d do hot water & swirl it around add ice & my RTD shake. When my habit was effected by supply chain & shipping. I knew there was a better way. Click slid into my IG ads & I “clicked” it read it & was like “but I have shakes I like”. Fast forward to November, it’s GD cold & since my coworker has her own fur coat it doesn’t make sense to heat the entire place when I just sit in one room. Adding a space heater works except then you have balance that with a humidifier. I went back to clock again. Winding down on my more than I wanted to pay coffee powder supply I got the sample pack. It came a lot faster than I’d anticipated which worked out beautifully. I started with caramel. I am not about to be using a blender then microwave to make my “shake”. So I use my handheld milk froth Er with hot hot water for a few minutes. Add the remaining water into the Yeti and I’m off to my guest room turned office. I’m a slow drinker. So I have to swirl it a bunch but it works. The caramel was good. I then went for the vanilla, which was AMAZING. The mocha was ok.
After my sample pack I went back to espresso & my RTD standby. There was NO comparison.
The only hurdle I had to overcome was mentally thinking I’m hungry because physically I was not. I was energized & had no crash. I’ve since gone on to buy 2 canisters of the Vanilla. It’s just a great as I remember.
Fantastic product. Not inexpensive but not high end pricing either. I’m excited to be able to take this shake on the road, when the roads (read: cruise ships) open again.

The BEST Coffee Protein Shake!!

I have tried many protein shakes and this is by far the best coffee protein shake out there!!! It is my morning go to, but you can have this any time of the day and it’s so good and filling. ❤️

Amazing coffee/protein.

I was super impressed with the taste. I was able to use just water and it was creamy, smooth and tasted better than my usual dunkin donuts coffee. I was actually satisfied until lunch. Definitely will purchase.

Click Coffee

This protein taste great !! I add it to my steaming hot coffee in the morning and it really helps with my intermittent fasting. My morning cup allows me to wait for my allotted time to eat my first meal. I love the sample pack. Great product.

Awesome product!

I love cold coffee to start my day and this product is my go-to. I also wanted a high protein meal replacement shake for breakfast. This product meets my needs and more. Highly recommended!

Loved this

I loved the flavors. It gave me energy and kept me full all day. Just wish it was more affordable

Love this!

Great taste in all three flavors! Dissolves well. My only issue is that I cannot afford the two that are my favorites! I can’t even purchase one.

Love it!

I was searching for a coffee 0rotein powder that would not clump up in hot water, and found Click! It tastes great and starts my day off on the right foot!

Great Taste

I am a coffee lover and Click was recommended to me. I bought the sample pack and I loved it. The taste was great and not overly sweet. I prefer the vanilla latte cold rather than hot. The mocha and caramel I would drink hot or cold. I would to freinds and family.


Really are enjoying Click..Good flavor.

Sample pack

I bought the sample pack to try this product. I have to say, the best coffee protein I’ve had! No after taste-very good flavor!


I have been using click for at least a year now. I drink it for breakfast and it keeps me full for about 3 hours and then lunch and try to have another one for dinner.

CLICK Coffee Protein Sampler with FREE Shipping

Great Product

This Protein Coffee Combo is great... Helps sooooo much with weight loss... I use less coffee creamer.. so that’s less calories in my coffee a day..

Awesome coffee

This coffee protein aids my cold coffee hankering. I love it. I ordered the samples and then ordered my favorites...vanilla and caramel.

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