We appreciate your interest in CLICK and CLICK Active!  What easier way to get the protein you need for weight loss or to support your active lifestyle then through a beverage you truly love - coffee! 

Known as The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink,CLICK and CLICK Active have thousands for 5-star reviews. Please take a moment to read what our customers have been saying below.

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Click Protein: Great Shakes

Love the Click Shakes, Carmel and Vanilla are my favorite flavors, found it on the web, and it's by the far the best coffee protein drink I've had.

I’m sorry, I haven’t got a chance to try them yet. But I will soon

I haven’t been able to try all the flavors. Mocha is my favorite so far! I will order more in the future!

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Great taste

I have now purchased the bundle set twice because the flavor is delicious, and it curbs my appetite very good.

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Awesome taste

I tried this product several years ago after reading about CLICK on social media. If you are looking for protein and flavor CLICK has it. All of the flavors are amazing. Carme! Is my favorite blended drink in the morning. I have tried a lot of protein powder and this one is the best tasting. Excellent customer service!

Great product

I love that I can get my protein, coffee and a double shot of espresso first thing in the morning. The product tastes great hot or cold. I highly recommend it.


One of the best protein powders I have ever drank. I love coffee and tried all 3 flavors. Not sure which one I like the best. They all taste great! I am addicted and can't wait to order more.

CLICK Coffee Protein, Buy More, Save More, Special Bundle Offer | Save 20%
The best

I have tried many brands and this is the best been drinking it for several years now love the mocha and vanilla the most
Recommend it to everyone

AM pick me up.

I've had all three flavors. All are wonderful hot or cold. My high school daughter sneaks some of the vanilla, lol. She likes it cold best. I've had the samples a while back and went back and ordered all three kinds in three canisters. Easy pick me up breakfast trying to get kids out the door for school and heading out for work. I'll be back to order more, FOR SURE!


I don't go a day without coffee or protein and this product gets me BOTH together in a great tasting supplement!

Amazing Protein

I have been drinking click for about a year now and I won't switch to any other brand. Click is so yummy and very versatile in the many ways you can enjoy it. All the recipes in the cookbook will definitely put any sweet tooth at bay. Don't believe me then try it yourself. You will be amazed.

You are awesome! Thank you for taking the time to provide us and the Click Community with your feedback. We truly appreciate your support :) Please make sure to take advantage of all the resources on including weight-friendly recipes, healthy living blog, weight-loss eBook and special offers :) Thank YOU again and Keep CLICK'n!

Sounds like you have a good product there,I got your sample for my boss,she got one and wanted me to order for her seeing it is not decaffeinated for me.But she seems to like your product, so hopefully she did your review too.Good luck with your venture.

Amazing coffee

I purchased the sample pack, all three flavors are delicious, they are great for afternoon snack/ pick me up to get me through till dinner time. At 120 calories fits in my diet perfectly. I will be drinking this for years to come

Started with the Vanilla Latte then ordered the Caramel, LOVE them both, I feel that I will be ordering with this company for a long time. EXCELLENT product.

Most Awesome!

This shake is the best ever. I have been looking for something like this. I love coffee and I need protein shakes. The latte is my favorite! I will be a long term customer!


I really enjoyed the samples that I received.


I absolutely love this stuff! It has a great taste and I like the fact that it has protein. I will be buying again but I wish the price was more affordable.


I ordered the sampler pack and loved all of the flavors. I will be ordering the canisters very soon. All flavors are delicious!

Not happy (at first)

I purchased the sample packs for variety. When I used it the first 2nd and 3rd time, I wasn't happy with it. That's what happens when you don't read that it works best in a shaker bottle. Yes it did!! I will be Click'n again for the variety packs because I want different ones. Thank you, Love Click'n with you

Best Shake EVER!!!

I first ordered the Sample Pack and the Vanilla Latte won my heart. I was sad when the samples were gone. So I had to buy more and sure enough I did! Right after I ordered 5 Vanilla Latte canisters and the Shaker Cup. The cup is amazing, the Vanilla Latte blends so perfectly well with Almond Milk! I’m a forever CLICK customer!! :)

Tastes great

I enjoyed the sample pack so much, that I purchased four canisters. Way better than some of the other shakes I have purchased in the past from other companies.


Love all the flavors, but caramel is my favorite.


Really liked the taste

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