We appreciate your interest in CLICK, the original, best-selling, coffee protein meal replacement drink, has helped thousands achieve, health, fitness & weight-loss success! !  What easier way to get the protein you need for to support your helathy active lifestyle then through a beverage you truly love - coffee! 

Known as The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink,CLICK has thousands for 5-star reviews. Please take a moment to read what our customers have been saying below.

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It control my appetite

I'm struggling to control my weight and I noticed that every time I drink this protein coffee it helps to control my hunger. I'm drinking this coffee every morning and it's only 120 calories 🙃 i just blend now another serving to bring at work, that's my snack later.

Best Protein Powder

I was first introduced to Click by the girls at the gym. Being a coffee snob I was amazed by the taste and how easily it mixes.
I ordered the Vanilla Latte and a sample of the mocha which is my favorite.
Love the different recipes you can make with the protein powder.
I will definitely be ordering more. Highly recommend!!

Completely replaced ice coffee with Click

Thanks to this product I was able to decrease my morning sugar intake drastically and still feel exactly how I need to at work. I suggest this product to everyone! Wish I found it sooner!

CLICK Great protein powder for a pick me up in the morning

I am not a coffee drinker and yet I like the smell and the caffeine it provides. It isn't cheap but it works well for me before I head out to play pickleball for a few hours. Click on has good service and a good product.

Good product

Been using Click for quite a few years. Love my pink insulated glass with lid and straw. Wish you had them again. Also have the coffee mug, shaker cups and shopping bag. Click is a product I can use that doesn’t give me gas or other digestive issues. Thank you.

Click review

This product was amazing!! It gave me the energy I needed to get through the day and it was my favorite, coffee!! So that was a plus!!

Delicious and the right amount of caffeine

I absolutely love these! I mix mine with oat milk every morning and they taste delicious and they mix well- no clumps! The vanilla so far is my favorite. Very much looking forward to getting the caramel.


Click Coffee vanilla is the best! It is my everyday 7am breakfast, keeps me full until noon or later. Better than Starbucks!!


Liked the caramel and vanilla ! will be ordering them.


I have been a very LOYAL customer of your small business for almost 10-years now (shortly after my RNY Bariatric surgery). The recent delay in getting product in (no fault of yours) just pushed me to order the packets until I could order the canisters. No matter what I order from you, it is PERFECT. I truly LOVE your product and shipping is so fast and reliable. THANK YOU!

CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, Canister, Caramel Flavor


I came across Click through a Pinterest search for coffee protein shake recipes. I am obsessed with coffee but I don't like to eat anything in the morning, so it hurts my stomach sometimes. I wanted something that would give me a caffeine boost and a meal replacement. I purchased the sampler pack, mixed it with bananas and lowfat milk and voila! I found my morning meal. I will purchase the canister next, just not sure which flavor I want, I liked them all!!

My fav!!!

I love these I make them on a regular basis abd have been using them since 2010.

Love it.

I love the taste especially the vanilla flavor plus It's also a meal replacement. I already ordered at Amazon the vanilla flavor/individually wrapped.

CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, Canister, Mocha Flavor
Gohar V.
Very tasty

I love! Click protein it's very tasty I will buy more in the future I recommend for sure.

Click Caramel Single Serve Packets

I absolutely love my Click fix every morning! Not only has it helped me to lose weight but it is also delicious. The ONLY thing I would like to see is an auto-ship option when purchasing. I would definitely sign up!


I have ordered this Protein Coffee before I think it is delicious I prefer the packets over the containers


I tried all three and they were all good. Love the caramel.

Best tasting coffee protein

I found this protein at a health food/supplement chain and decided to give it a try. Click is the perfect combination of rich deep coffee flavor and protein, without the chalky texture and off-putting taste associated with most protein powders. I drink this every morning and it keeps my energy up all the way to lunch. I love that I can drink this hot or cold, with or without milk with no loss of quality or flavor. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants protein but needs coffee to get going in the morning.

Love Click

This is an energy drink for me that keeps me going

Love these drinks! And customer service is exceptional!

I absolutely love the Click! I make my frapp every morning for work. Not only do I get my caffeine fix, without all the added sugar, BUT I also get my protein! It's a win win 😉

It was delicious

Definitely plan on ordering more!


Love the taste and enhances the coffee flavor in my coffee.

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