We appreciate your interest in CLICK and CLICK Active!  What easier way to get the protein you need for weight loss or to support your active lifestyle then through a beverage you truly love - coffee! 

Known as The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink,CLICK and CLICK Active have thousands for 5-star reviews. Please take a moment to read what our customers have been saying below.

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I work very early early every morning so I don't eat breakfast. This delicious product enables me to get my protein with coffee EVERY morning. I just chill the water overnight and in the morning add Click and take it with me to work. Will definitely be buying more of this AWESOME product.

Satisfied Customer

I was introduced to Click Mocha by my daughter, from the first sip I was hook on the product. I have tried both the Mocha and the Caramel love them. I'm a customer for life. Thanks for supplying me with the protein I need with a taste I can appreciate.

This stuff is great!

I have been looking for a lasting protein drink and when I saw that Click also has coffee, I decided to give it a try and kill two birds with one stone so to speak. It definitely did the job. It kept my satisfied so I didn't continually eat and has a good amount of caffeine,. All three flavors tasted good and for someone that doesn't like the taste of coffee that's saying something. I just received my order of a canister of the Vanilla Latte.

Great taste

I finally found a protein drink that taste good...I would recommend that everyone should try it..I even made a frosting for my cinnamon roll chaffle and add some Carmel flavored to the cream cheese..oh so so good..

Love It....What Little I Could Keep’m

I love CLICK...all flavors, but Caramel is the tops for me! Recently I introduced my daughter to Click....I’ve given her all my canisters...and almost all of my 10 packet flavors....except Caramel...went to make breakfast...3 out of 10 Caramel packets left!
Cool thing....she is losing weight and use CLICK for three meals!



Absolutely great!!!

Where do I start!!!! The taste is great NO crashes!!! and it did not make me feel jittery!!

love it!

best I ever had great taste!

Momma's morning life saver

As a homeschooling mom of two my mornings are always a bit crazy. Click is my go to on the days it seems like there is more kiddos and school than I have the energy to On top of all of that it always tastes delicious no matter which flavor!

Cannot Keep Enough Around

I love all three flavors of CLICK....but my daughter and granddaughter love Vanilla and Caramel....I’ve just given away my canister of Caramel and my
10 packets of Vanilla....couldn’t ask for a more fun and nutritious drink!!!


I’m absolutely ADDICTED to these coffee protein drinks! I have a hard time eating in the morning so I was so happy to find out they are also meal replacements! I love all the flavors and can’t wait to order more!

Great taste!!

I enjoy my morning time with Click!!

Perfect morning meal

I discovered click coffee protein over a year ago when I had bariatric surgery I love the flavor of all of the coffee proteins and I love that I can buy sample packs to take with me when I travel. so I can have a little more protein to sugar ratio I add in egg white protein to my coffee click and it's really good creamy and flavorful. This pants count is my favorite protein


I have been purchasing this product for the last 9 years. After having bariatric surgery, this has been my daily protein packed supplement. I have never been without it and it is the BEST tasting in my opinion. Thank you CLICK for a WONDERFUL product!

Good less calories than Starbucks

Been buying for years. The coffee shakes you can create based on recipe. Or make it your own for meal replacement.

Love at First Sip...

I love all three flavors...can't not pick a favorite. Do not taste like my other protein powders. Just a delicious coffee drink with healthy benefits.


I’m so glad I stumbled across these! I absolutely LOVED all three flavors. I just recently realized they are also a meal replacer which made me love them even more! I have a hard time eating in the morning so drinking one of these helps. I just ordered a variety 10 pack. I’m impatiently waiting for them to arrive!

Its awesome...

The mocha is really good...

Very good

I got the sampler pack and out of the three, Mocha and Caramel were my favorite! I will be purchasing more!


I try the sample of all 3 flavors i love all 3 its hard to just one give me a boost i recent have wls where we was not supposed to have coffee but i have to caffeine

love it!

Its a great start to the morning! Not only does it tastes great but I also feel energized.

Long Time User

I have been drinking Click Protein Mix for a couple of years now. I have tried all of the flavors but prefer the Mocha flavor. I blend the Click powder with non-fat milk and then blend it with ice and a handful of raw almonds. When I drink this shake in the morning, it gives me a quick boost in energy and satisfies my hunger until well after lunch time. I find it to be an excellent morning meal replacement.

Surprisingly good!

Let me first say, I was a little skeptical about the taste and had concerns about how my stomach would react being gluten free. I can honestly say, this could very easily replace my morning chai latte. I have a very sensitive stomach and can not drink coffee but the Click Vanilla Latte and the Carmel were amazing. The Mocha was ok.


My sister referred me to Click. She knows I love coffee but also want to be healthy. Click is amazing. I get the flavor of the coffee but stay full longer too!! Click has fit perfect into my lifestyle of intermittent fasting! Love me some Click!!


Love the mocha flavor. I've lost 147 lbs six years ago and staying strong

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