Turtle Pecan CLICK Smoothie

Coffee Protein Turtle Pecan Shake

Turned my CLICK up a notch this morning –  protein-packed, energy-boosting - Turtle CLICK!  There is just something addictive about the combination of CLICK's rich mocha, buttery pecans and a hint of creamy caramel.  Plus, one ounce of pecans provides 10 percent of the Daily Recommended intake of fiber. Pecans are also rich in age defying antioxidants.

Nothing slow about this tortoise ~ try it and you’ll be CLICK-ING along shortly ;)

Thank you, Karen R. for sharing this recipe.

  • 1 scoop CLICK mocha & 1 scoop CLICK Caramel
  • 8 oz water or light milk
  • Splash of sugar free caramel syrup,
  • small handful of pecans

blended with crushed ice – Turtle CLICK! A definite must try!


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Carol Witzig
Carol Witzig

July 18, 2015

I just love Click drinks

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