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Gift of Giving – Places to Donate This Holiday Season

This holiday season, be grateful for what you have and help those who are in need! Donating money and goods to charity will give you peace of mind and bring you joy.

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Top 10 Science-Backed Ways Protein Improves Your Health

Along with carbs and fats, protein is one of the most important nutrients. Want to find out more? Here are 10 science-backed ways protein can improve your health
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Best Thanksgiving Foods You Should Be Eating

The holiday season is around the corner. Now it's the best time to plan your menu and make a list of healthy meals that won’t adds inches on your waist. 

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The Surprising Benefits of Coffee

Coffee not only boosts your energy and stamina, but also helps you get fitter, leaner and more agile

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Exercise Motivation Tips That "Click" For You

Prior to starting CLICK ®, the Smith's worked with thousands of  busy, active adults, just like you on achieving their health and weight loss goals.  Here are their top 5 tips 
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3 Simple, Easy Tips to Live a Healthier Life

By building healthier habits, you'll shed stubborn fat, feel more alive, and handle stress better.

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Scariest Part of Halloween: Excess Calories, Sugar & Fat

Here’s how CLICK fans are boosting energy, burning fat and curbing their appetite and scaring away those dreaded calories!

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Perk Up Your Potential With 5 Healthy Living Tips

Beth Smith, CLICKco LLC Co-founder and life-long fitness buff, helped design CLICK to support a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and nutrition. As the former owner of a chain of women’s fitness centers, Beth has experience helping individuals meet their weight loss and fitness goals. She offers these tips healthy living tips so help you finally reach you health and weigh-loss goals:

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Ways to Make Your Workouts Fun This Fall Season

Take advantage of the cool weather to rev up your workout! Here are some workout ideas to help you get started:

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CLICK: Benefits of Protein and Coffee in the Morning

Skipping breakfast is a common strategy for people who are trying to lose weight, but research has shown that it’s not a successful strategy.

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5 Reasons to Have Protein for Breakfast


Want to shed fat and have more energy? Are you always hungry and feeling the urge to snack? If so, eat more protein in the morning! Feel confused? Here are five reasons to have protein for breakfast:
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CLICK’n Together to Provide Opportunites for Adults with Disabilities

CLICK (klik) means to succeed, connect, fit well together, and by its definition, energizes people to reach their potential to be a success in health and in life. With that in mind, CLICKco partners with NCI Affiliates.  NCI employs adults with disabilities and provides services that encourage and support individuals with disabilities, so that they may successfully achieve their personal and professional goals.  All CLICKco orders are being packaged and shipped by NCI.  Please see their website for more information about NCI affiliates and their services.
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