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Mr. CLICK, Creator & Co-Founder of CLICKco

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Meet Mr. CLICK #DoubleShot #Double Biceps ;)

Ever wonder who's behind CLICK - the coffee lover's protein drink? It's time to introduce myself! My name is Greg Smith, and I'm passionate about everything related to fitness and health. CLICK, your favorite protein brand, reflects my commitment to improving people's life. I have built this company to help you succeed and reach your full potential in health and life.

How It All Started

Most friends and customers ask how I got into the fitness business. It all started when I was in college at the University of Oregon. Like many students, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I wasn't dreaming about being a doctor or a fireman. At some point, I'd signed up for a nutrition class. As it turned out, this step changed my life forever.

I never realized how much I enjoy the idea of helping people stay healthy and develop better lifestyle habits. From this passionate beginning, I have received a bachelor degree in Human Development and Performance.

Over the years, I've had a chance to use my degree and dig deeper into this field. I've worked with just about any type of client, from Fortune 500 companies and public health agencies to wellness centers and military hospitals. I was able through these experiences comprehend the challenges most people face when it comes to nutrition and exercise.

One of the pinnacle moments in my career was to work for Rodale, Inc., publisher of Men’s Health and Prevention Magazine, the leading consumer health magazine in the world, with millions of readers to help build their online content division.

Even though I enjoy both corporate and public work, I always wanted to be involved and connected with people on a personal level. So, I got into personal training and amateur bodybuilding. It turned out to be a fantastic experience that taught me about dedication and compromising.

It's unrealistic to expect someone to be successful and make a commitment to healthy living if you can't do it yourself. Passion is the driving force behind success. When you're passionate about what you do, you'll succeed no matter what. I've had to work hard to achieve my fitness goals as well as my client's goals.

Passion: The Driving Force behind CLICK

CLICK was born out of passion - the passion for living a healthier life, staying active, and making smart food choices. Its mission is to help people connect and reach their goals in life and fitness.

Since 2008, we have been dedicated to creating premium products that benefit people who want to manage their weight and live the active lifestyle they desire. CLICK has emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing coffee protein brands. Our culture is based on fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and commitment to quality.

The CLICK team strives to change how people live and a path to better health. Our products not only taste good and nutritionally rich with all-in-one, healthier-for-you ingredients. They are designed to fuel your day and make healthy eating a lot easier. CLICK is a perfect choice for busy mornings, as a meal replacement or in the afternoon as an appetite curbing, afternoon snack.

We're constantly updating our blog with healthy high-protein recipes that take minutes to prepare.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be a chore! It can be fun and enjoyable. It should be! With CLICK and now CLICK Active, you're one step closer to a fit, lean body and better health.

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