CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, Double-Shot Espresso, Canister, Mocha Flavor

CLICK Coffee Protein is a protein shake and coffee-house drink, all-in-one! CLICK is a low calorie, coffee protein powder drink mix to curb appetite, keep energized and promote fat burning. With 23 essential vitamins and mineral, CLICK is perfect as breakfast meal replacement, mid-day pick-me-up, snack or pre- or post-workout drink. 


  • Canister CLICK Coffee Protein, Mocha Flavor
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The many benefits of CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, All-In-One include

  • The value of a coffee-house drink, protein shake & vitamin tablet, all-in-one
  • One-of-a kind, low-cal, coffee protein combination to curb appetite and boost energy
  • One of the few protein drinks designed to be made hot as well as iced or blended
  • Perfect as breakfast, meal replacement, mid-day snack or pre or post workout
  • 150 mg Double-shot, premium-grade espresso coffee, not coffee flavor, synthetic or watered down caffeine
  • Only 120 calories 16 grams of protein with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, naturally flavored, colored, gluten free
  • Discounted Flat Rate Shipping
Value: Unlike common protein powders, with CLICK you get the value of your gourmet coffee-house drink, plus your protein shake, plus your vitamin tablet, all-in-one!  

    Customer Reviews

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    Worth It

    I bought this product based on someone I follow on Instagram, which is rare for me to buy something "blind." I bought the Mocha one that came with the shaker. It is so good, taste is awesome. I actually drink one scoop of it in my morning coffee (though direction says to blend with water), with a splash of creamer and use the shaker and it tastes like a latte, but I'm getting the benefit of the protein. Then I do the same in the afternoon for a pick me up at work. Love it and highly recommend it. Price is great too.

    Tasty and effective

    I wanted to try the three-packet sample before committing to a full canister so I could A. figure out if I liked the product at all, and B. which flavor I preferred. I ended up really enjoying the mocha and caramel flavors (the vanilla latte was fine, just not a particularly distinctive taste). It's a protein powder, so I'm not here to tell you it tastes just like an iced coffee you can get from a shop (or even that you make at home), but it is a reasonable enough facsimile to be a good morning or post-workout choice. Using about 13 oz. of water, I found the consistency to be pretty close to the bottled Starbucks Frappuccino drinks you can find at a store, and while it's not as creamy as those kinds of drinks (it's just powder and water, after all), it still had a substantial mouthfeel. And from an energy standpoint, I was really pleased - no jitters, but good long-lasting energy that got me through a whole morning without another cup of coffee. I usually can't pull that off even when I start with a commercial energy drink. And zero crash whatsoever, which is always a plus.

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    All-In-One, Coffee Protein, Meal Replacement Drink!

    CLICK - Double-Shot Espresso Protein, Premium-Grade Protein, 23 Essential Vitamins & Minerals, ALL-IN-ONE, Meal Replacement Drink

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