Bestselling Coffee Protein Powder with Delicious Coffee-house Flavors – CLICK: Coffee & Protein, All-in-One, Drink For Weight Loss

The Lifestyle that CLICKs!

CLICK (kli k) - to succeed; make a hit: to fit together; function well together.  That is what CLICKco as a company is all about!  CLICK is a lifestyle, making better choices each and every day to reach our potential for success in health and in life!  At CLICKco, we are real people who are really, over-the-top. passionate about delivering better for you, all-in-one solutions and strategies for a healthier lifestyle!

Just ask anyone who has met the Smiths!  The Smiths started CLICKco, makers of the one-of-a-kind, CLICK Espresso Protein Drink®, by essentially CLICK-ing with their members.  You see, the Smiths are life-long fitness buffs who left corporate America to follow their passion, opening an award-winning chain of fitness centers in California!  In service to their members, they created CLICK Espresso Protein Drink®!  CLICK is an innovative first-of-its-kind product, that combines the health and weight loss benefits of a protein powder with the energy and decadent taste of a coffee-house drink, all-in-one!  Learn more about us here