CLICK Coffee Protein, Double-Shot Espresso, 3-Packet Sample

CLICK Coffee Protein is a protein shake and coffee-house drink, all-in-one! CLICK is a low calorie, coffee protein powder drink mix to curb appetite, keep energized and promote fat burning. With 23 essential vitamins and mineral, CLICK is perfect as breakfast meal replacement, mid-day pick-me-up, snack or pre- or post-workout drink. 

Special Offer: Your very special, limited-time offer includes

  • 1 CLICK Mocha single serving packet ($2.95)
  • 1 CLICK Vanilla Latte single serving packet ($2.95)
  • 1 CLICK Caramel single serving packet (FREE Sample)
  • Limited offer. Only while supplies last

The Many Benefits of CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, All-In-One

  • One-of-a kind, low-cal, coffee protein combination to your boost energy, curb appetite and promote fat-burning
  • One of the few protein drinks designed to be made hot as well as iced or blended
  • Perfect as your breakfast, meal replacement, mid-day snack or to energize your workout
  • 150 mg of double-shot, premium-grade espresso coffee, not coffee flavor, synthetic, or watered down caffeine
  • Only 110 calories 16 grams of lasting protein with 23 essential vitamins and minerals, naturally flavored, colored, gluten free

Value: Unlike common protein powders, with CLICK you get the value of your gourmet coffee-house drink, plus your protein shake, plus your vitamin tablet, all-in-one!


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    CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, Double-Shot Espresso, 4 Canisters, You Pick Flavors, Free Shipping, Best Value

    Amazing taste. Amazing price.

    I was very skeptical about this product as others that were supposed to taste like chocolate tasted like anything but. This shake blew me away immediately. It actually tastes like REAL chocolate, and the shot of espresso was evident as I didn’t feel the need to drink any additional coffee. I have spent hundreds of dollars of shakes and have been so disappointed but Click Coffee Protein is my new fave!

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    All-In-One, Coffee Protein, Meal Replacement Drink!

    CLICK - Double-Shot Espresso Protein, Premium-Grade Protein, 23 Essential Vitamins & Minerals, ALL-IN-ONE, Meal Replacement Drink

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