CLICK Coffee Protein, Sample Offer, 3 Flavors, Free Shipping

There’s never been an easier way to lose weight than with CLICK, the best-selling, all-in-one coffee protein meal replacement drink mix. As your daily, all-in-one beverage solution, CLICK provides you with the benefits of a premium, protein meal replacement shake and a decadent, energy boosting, coffee-house drink – ALL-IN-ONE! 

Special Offer: Your very special, limited-time offer includes

  • 1 CLICK Mocha single serving packet
  • 1 CLICK Vanilla Latte single serving packet
  • 1 CLICK Caramel single serving packet
  • Plus FREE Shipping
  • 1 Sampler Per Customer. Only while supplies last

The Many Benefits of CLICK Coffee Protein Powder, All-In-One

Weight Management: One-of-a kind, low-cal, coffee protein meal replacement combination to your boost energy, curb appetite and promote fat-burning. 

Convenient:  No more idling in a coffee-house line or cleaning a coffee machine. Simply mix 12 oz. of water with 2 scoops of CLICK for an energy boosting, decadent tasting shake. Warm in the microwaveable mug if you want a hot and creamy coffee protein drink!

Value: Unlike common protein powders, with CLICK you get the value of your gourmet coffee-house drink, plus your protein meal replacement, plus your vitamin tablet, ALL-IN-ONE!


    Customer Reviews

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    I’ve tried so many other protein powders, but this one is absolutely my jam. That extra kick of the espresso is perfect for my workout and not at all jittery. The flavors are delicious, I had a hard time picking my favorite!

    Great tasting

    I loved all 3 flavors in the variety pack,

    Nutrition Facts for CLICK Coffee Protein Drink Mix ==>  HERE

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