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CLICK Active delivers that decadent “wow” coffee-house taste and energy that coffee lovers crave along with the most effective protein to achieve the best results from whatever challenges you!

CLICK Active™ delivers:

  • 21 servings in each canister contains 25 grams of a 70/30 Whey Isolate (fast-digesting) and Micellar Casein (slow digesting) protein combination that delivers better results for developing lean muscle-tissue, decreasing body fat and eliminating the unwanted carbs and fat found in most whey concentrate and protein blends. .

  • Whey rapidly increases protein synthesis and casein blocks protein breakdown, a combination of both is ideal.  Research shows these proteins support greater increases in lean body mass and decreases in body fat as part of a resistance training program.  Perfect for additional protein needs and regulating blood sugar to help you stay lean

  • 150 mg of caffeine from pure, premium espresso coffee to boost alertness, improve performance and decrease recovery time. Natural caffeine from real coffee, not synthetic caffeine or added coffee flavor.  Excellent as a pre-workout without the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients

  • Glutamine and BCAA’s to maximize protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and reduce body fat during recover

  • No added sugar, artificial colors or flavors


Customer Reviews

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Active Coffee and Protein

Love the flavor and how easily it mixes with water. A little pricey.


Feels good to start your day with the right foot. Click helps me to start my day right! Great flavors!!

Great protein shake!

I was very skeptical about trying this product so I originally only bought one single serving in mocha. I am so glad I purchased it! I loved it so much I went online and purchased a larger container and also purchased a sampler so I could try another flavor. I haven’t tried the other yet but I have confidence it will be just as good as the mocha. I will definitely purchase again and will recommend this product to others.

Great flavor

Love the taste although a little pricey

Love it!

I’ve been drinking Click for many years and can’t start my day without it. I just tried the new Active and enjoy that too when I want to boost my protein intake. Not only is it great tasting, but it keeps me full for hours and gives me just enough energy to get through my morning workout without feeling jittery. I absolutely love this product!


CLICK Active - Double-shot Espresso Coffee, Whey Isolate/Micellar Casein Protein, BCAA's & Glutamine, ALL-IN-ONE Performance Drink!

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