Weight Loss Plan

Thank YOU for CLICK'n with Us! Free Weight-Loss eBook by CLICK Founders, Greg and Beth Smith

What easier way to get the added energy, protein and nutrition you need to lose weight and feel great than through the beverage you truly love - coffee!

Our 5 lb. in 10 Challenge is a very doable, proven program developed by the Greg and Beth Smith, fitness experts, founders of CLICK and prior owners of a chain of fitness centers in California. The Smith’s implemented this highly successful weight loss plan  with thousands of members at their fitness centers.

Why was this program so successful??? Building confidence through small, quick, and sustainable changes is key. Nothing is more inspiring than fast, positive results. When you are determined to slim down, set goals that can be achieved in 1 - 3 week increments so you create that rewarding feeling of crossing the finish line. With that positivity, you are motivated to move on to the next 5 or 10 lbs.

The nutrition plan is based on a simple to follow nutritionally balanced meal plan designed within the American Dietetic Association nutritional guidelines. Combine this with CLICK Coffee Protein Drink Mix© successful nutritional product, you will have all the key elements for success! Remember’ it’s not about sacrificing; it’s about creating a healthier you.

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Have questions or need advice?  Talk to the experts, Greg and Beth Smith.  We'd love to hear from you, simply send us a message below or join the CLICK community on social media for caring, sharing and fun!

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High energy and a leaner body is just a CLICK Away!  CLICK was designed as a meal replacement shake with the added benefits of coffee to help replace a meal such as breakfast or lunch since these are the most convenient time for weight management. Unlike most protein shakes, CLICK is designed to be made hot as well as iced or blended.

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