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CLICK Coffee Protein for Weight Loss 

Hey There Coffee Lover,

What easier way to get the protein, energy and nutrition you need to lose weight and feel great than through one of your favorite beverages - coffee! With CLICK, we're not asking you to change your behavior (we all know that just doesn't work).  Instead we are replacing something you already do, drink coffeehouse-style coffee drinks with one that supports your health and weight loss goals, easy-pezy, right!?

So How Does It Work?

CLICK is a meal replacement that happens to be a delish coffee-house drink too! #bonus.  When it comes to weight-loss, protein is the king of nutrients.  The protein in CLICK, often referred to as the "weight-loss protein", is a long-lasting protein that slows down digestion making you more satisfied. Pairing CLICK's protein with natural caffeine from real coffee (no synthetic stuff here), provides a one-of a-kind combination that does double-duty to curb your appetite while boosting your energy too.  Time to say bye-bye to those unwanted coffee runs and trips to the pantry or vending machine!

Here are the stat's on a 12 - 14 ounce serving of CLICK Coffee Protein Drink Mix
  • Only 120 calories, low in sugar and fat
  • 16 grams of  premium protein
  • 23 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Naturally flavored, colored, gluten free


How To Lose Weight with CLICK

Skipping meals is the worst mistake you can do when it comes to fat loss. Yep, people who skip breakfast end up consuming more calories later in the day like those stale donuts in the break room, eek! They also experience mood swings, low blood sugar, poor energy, and fatigue.

So here's your plan

All-in-One Breakfast Meal Replacement  With CLICK, now your coffee is your meal! Studies confirm that the best way to lose weight is to fuel your body with 10-20 grams of protein at EVERY meal. In fact, having protein for breakfast is one of the best, proven, weight loss solutions!   Add caffeine, and the result is a healthy energy boost to keep your metabolism burning while providing the body with sustenance.

Appetite-Curbing, Guilt-Free, Mid-Day SnackTurn to CLICK to fight-off those mid-day munchie attacks!  You know, the ones that tend to sabotage your weight-loss goals!  With coffee and protein, now you have a 1-2 punch to do battle and finally rid yourself of those unwanted calories. Oh, and did we mention that CLICK tastes so good you'll forget that it's good for you too!

Pre or Post Workout Drink Exercise is so important when it comes to weight loss that it's next to impossible to exercise your way to a smaller size unless we change the way we eat! #truth.  On active days, drink CLICK before you workout if you're needing an extra energy boost to get your body moving or after your workout to fight fatigue and recover faster.  You goal is to get 15 to 25 grams of protein at every meal to speed up fat loss and keep your body in an anabolic, fat-burning mode.  

CLICKco is a small entrepreneurial company (with big plans)!  We have thousands of loyal CLICK fans you can find on Facebook, Instragram and the blog-osphere!  Many have been CLICK'n for years as CLICK is their daily healthy lifestyle, meal replacement coffee drink. But, you don't need to take our word for it! People have a lot of great things to say about CLICK.

“The Best Protein Shake In the World!”

Leading fitness editor (Fitness magazine, Cosmo Girl, Dove Campaign) and best-selling author, Nancy Redd

“Click is my new FAVORITE product! It was in my goodybag for the last competition and now I'm hooked! It combines my favorite things in the morning (coffee, protein, vitamins etc) in one delish drink”

Taryn Bagrosky, Ms Fitness USA/ Personal Trainer

“Congrats! Click is awarded a Noshie by the Fit Bottomed Girls! The Fitties are the FBGs' fave eats from the past year, and by "fave," I mean can't live-without, want-to-marry, kiss-the-creators'-feet good. So they really, really like the stuff and think it deserves some extra attention”


Product review video from Dr. Stacey Naito an expert in the field of fitness and board certified physician.  Many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Naito for creating this amazing CLICK product review for us all!



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