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  • Are you curious about CLICK, the all-in-one coffee protein drink with an amazing "wow" taste!? Here's a review from Dr. Stacey Naito an expert in the field of fitness and board certified physician.  Many thanks to the wonderful Dr. Naito for creating this amazing CLICK product review for us all!

"IMPORTANT NOTE: I mixed the cold version in a blender bottle with a wire mixing ball. If you decide to microwave such a container, it is CRITICAL that you pour the mixed CLICK into a microwaveable cup and warm according to the instructions provided." - Dr. Naito

Regarding ingredients - soy lecithin is an emulsifier CLICK does not contain soy protein.

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans
To be perfectly honest, I was a little apprehensive about trying CLICK because I’ve had other protein powders in the past that are down right chalky. It’s a struggle to get them down. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I tried the CLICK Mocha. I opted to make the drink hot and it was so, SO good. It was smooth and creamy and was simple to make. My daughter, Emma, kept asking if she could try my Hot Chocolate Coffee.Melissa and Christy also love it! We can all feel the energy boost from it and Christy also feels less hungry on the days where she includes CLICK into her eating plan!

Back at Square Zero

After I triedClick Espresso Protein Powder for the first time it was love at first sip, seriously I even composed a videolove letter (ridiculous).  I now buy it on a regular basis(that is how you know I really love it – I keep buying it) as it is the only protein powder I will drink.  It is not chalky, clumpy, or just plain yucky like lots of other powders I tried.  It tastes just like a delicious mocha drink I would buy at Starbucks, except unlike Starbucks it isn’t $5 a pop.
Plus on top of that:
- only 120 calories, fabulous since I am always counting
- 15 grams of protein, enough that I have it for breakfast and am full until lunch
- plus a double shot of espresso to get my butt in gear after those late nights blogging

Fit Bottomed Girls

In the past, I’ve been solving this ridiculousness by throwing instant coffee granules into my smoothie, but depending on what else is in my shake, the result is “eh-” tasting at best. And thenCLICK came along. You could say that we, ahem, clicked!CLICK is a multivitamin, protein powder and espresso all in one. And, it tastes like mocha. Yum. Mix it with a little water, and you can have it hot or cold to fit any kind of coffee need you have any time of year!

Loving On The Run

CLICK sent me a sample of their Vanilla Latte protein powder to try and I was blown away.  The coolest thing about this product is that in 1 serving it not only has 15 grams of protein but it also has 2 shots of ESPRESSO! I immediately knew I had found my answer to what protein I needed to start taking in the morning! Score: 5 out of 5 

Bariatric Foodie

Why I love CLICK Espresso Protein ~ So I thought this week was a good week to reflect on my relationship with CLICK. It's not complicated: I LOVE the stuff! Here's why.

Run with Jess

The rich flavor of CLICK reminded me of those super expensive coffee-house drinks.  I love the iced mocha drinks, but gave them up after discovering they were 300+ calories. CLICK is a perfect alternative to those fancy drinks - but only 120 calories. In fact, as I sipped my Mocha CLICK, I went back to study  the label... something this tasty and rich in flavor can't only be 120 calories?  It simply tasteslike more.

Peace Love and Low Carb

All in all I only have great things to say about CLICK.  I think they have knocked it out of the park and I honestly wish that I thought of and developed this concept.  They have managed to combine two of my favorite things, coffee and protein.

Crazy Running Girl

When I was asked if I wanted to review CLICK Espresso Protein Powder, I didn’t even have to think twice because I’ve heard how amazing it is… other bloggers like Skinny Runner and Toni at Running Loving Living have raved about how amazing this stuff is. And you know what? It is.

Skinny Mom

First I tried theMocha flavor blended with unsweetened almond milk and ice.  The result was a super smooth protein shake that tasted just like a mocha frappuccino!! Next, I tried it hot.  I was extremely curious how it would fare compared to my beloved coffeehouse coffee, and I have to say…I was very pleasantly surprised..., it was divine! 

Juice Boxes and Crayolas

What I was most worried about was the flavor--I CAN'T STAND that chalky taste so many powders have! After my first sip, though  I was totally hooked.  It tasted like iced coffee!  Amazing!  The texture of the shake is thin like iced coffee too, so it drinks like a regular cold coffee beverage.  The taste was amazing.

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