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With the launch of our new CLICK Active Coffee Protein Drink Mix, we appreciate the great questions you have been asking as well as the awesome feedback we received from those of you who have tried CLICK Active and are already taking their fitness results to the next level.  Below you will find the FAQ's.  If there is anything we missed, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact link below.

Q: What is the difference between CLICK and CLICK Active?

A: CLICK Active is designed to be enjoyed on the days you need to increase your protein intake for health reasons or to improve exercise results.  On active days, your body needs the right nutrition to recover and reduce soreness as well as to promote fat burning and lean muscle development. Why go through all the pain to have no gain!? That’s where CLICK Active comes in and should be enjoyed within an hour before or after exercise. Or as a daily, morning or afternoon energy-boosting shake to increase overall protein intake.

CLICK is your daily, go-to, coffee protein meal replacement drink. CLICK provides the energy and decadent coffee flavor you crave and the nutrition your body needs for successful weight management. CLICK contains lasting protein, double-shot of espresso coffee and 23 essential vitamins. Now your coffee is your meal! CLICK is perfect for breakfast or as a mid-day, appetite-curbing snack.

For more detailed information, see our Blog Article, Meal Replacement versus Protein Shake, What’s the Difference.

Q. When should I drink CLICK and CLICK Active to achieve the best results

A: CLICK is a meal replacement. One or two CLICKs per day as your breakfast, lunch or mid-day snack is recommended. Make sure to include a piece of high-fiber fruit during that time as well. You can download our highly successful CLICK Weight Loss Plan here

CLICK Active is ideal for when you exercise to minimize muscle break down during activity while helping to start the repair process, speed up recovery and prevent soreness. A serving of CLICK Active within 30 minutes before or after exercise is recommended.

Q: What is the protein source in CLICK?

A: To achieve weight-loss success, your body needs protein throughout the day. This is true especially at breakfast when its typically been over 12 hours since your last meal – your body is protein-starved! CLICK contains a premium-grade calcium caseinate. Calcium caseinate is a milk-based protein just like whey but is slower digesting known as the “weight-loss” protein to help your body feel full longer. Calcium caseinate is also naturally low in sodium, fat and lactose, a good alternative for those who are lactose sensitive.

Q: What is the protein source in CLICK Active?

A: On the days, you’re active your body needs more protein and the right blend of protein to produce results. CLICK Active contains the sweet spot at 25 grams of protein with a highly effective blend of premium whey isolate and micellar casein blend. Whey isolate fuels lean muscle tissue growth while the casein helps to optimize the release of amino acids which helps your whey isolate protein to become more useful to your muscles. Both protein sources are needed to achieve optimal results. In addition, CLICK Active’s unique blend of protein contains fewer calories and less fat per serving compared to most protein powders and is suited to exercisers with the goals of leaning out!

Q: Can I make CLICK Active hot like CLICK?

A: The short answer is "yes” it can be warmed. However, as you are enjoying CLICK Active within 30 minutes of activity most likely you will not be craving a hot drink. CLICK Active is designed to be mixed with water, almond milk or milk and enjoyed cold, over ice or blended.

CLICK is designed to be your daily, go-to, coffee protein meal replacement drink. CLICK can be made hot as well as cold or blended and keep mixed into an endless number of recipes such as puddings, cakes, pancakes, etc. *Yum*

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