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CLICK and CLICK Active

What You Need To Know About CLICK Active®. 

If you participate in regular exercise or are active and want to increase energy performance and lean muscle mass, CLICK Active with coffee protein, is a great way to achieve that. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or elite athlete to benefit from CLICK Active!

How does it work?

CLICK Active increases energy performance and lean muscle mass using a unique 70/30 blend of Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein with a “wow” taste that CLICK products are known for.  

Whey Isolate protein contains a higher percentage of pure protein virtually

  • lactose free
  • carbohydrate free
  • fat free
  • cholesterol free

It is a source of a number of biologically active peptides (i.e.short chains of amino acids) that can provide healthful properties such as lower blood pressure and improved mood.

Casein helps to preserve the functions of such peptides since they can block the breakdown of whey peptides in your intestine and increase the lifetime of some peptides by over 15 times so all the benefits of the whey isolate last for a much longer period of time.

To sum it up, whey isolate provides a quick burst of protein synthesis while casein makes an ideal protein supplement to sustain long periods of an anabolic environment for muscle growth. With a double shot of espresso coffee, the 150 mg of caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which increases the oxidation of fatty acids and raises your metabolism to help your body use fat as a fuel source. It also reduces the perception of fatigue, effort, and pain.

  1. Double the benefits of premium protein and coffee to increase energy, maximize performance and recover faster
  2. Real espresso coffee (not added caffeine) with CLICK's signature “wow” coffee-house taste supported by 1000’s of testimonials
  3. Premium fast and slow release protein blend for greater muscle building and fat loss benefits
  4. Glutamine and BCAA's to reduce pain, fatigue, and recovery time


What You Need To Know About CLICK

If you are a coffee drinker, why not get more from the coffee you love with CLICK!? CLICK was designed as a meal replacement shake with the added benefits of coffee to help replace a meal such as breakfast, lunch or mid-day snack since these are the most convenient time for weight management. CLICK’s unique formula offers that “wow” taste that can be enjoyed, hot, cold, or blended just like your favorite coffee house drink! CLICK brings more purpose to the coffee experience since CLICK contains protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. This can help maintain your health while decreasing how many calories you take a day. We recommend no more than twice a day for two meals and/or snack.

CLICK contains all the key qualities of a premium protein meal replacement drink using only natural colors and flavors (no artificial colors or flavors) with the finest espresso coffee blend for the best pleasurable, coffee house taste experience around!

  1. Unique protein coffee formula with a “wow” taste that replicates those found at coffee houses 
  2. Lower in calories than a traditional meal yet satisfies your appetite and energy craving  with 16 grams of protein, double-shot of espresso coffee and 23 essential vitamins and minerals that is low in sugar and fat.
  3. Provides essential nutrition. A convenient way to reduce calories while still getting essential nutrition to meet your health and weight managmenet goals
  4. 150 mg of caffeine and the slow releasing protein suppresses appetite while regulating blood sugar reducing hunger while providing the energy you need to get on with your day.