CLICK Active is designed to fuel what challenges you. CLICK Active™ makes a delicious, coffee-house style drink for those needing an increase in daily protein to achieve optimal exercise results or for overall health. Each serving includes 25g of protein and a double-shot of espresso for that protein boost with all the benefits of real coffee. Our 21-serving canister contains no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors and is comprised of a premium blend of whey isolate and micellar casein, which is more effective for performance than whey protein by itself. Glutamine and BCAAs in our drink mix promote digestive and brain health, muscle growth, athletic performance, and more. Support your active lifestyle with the perfect blend of premium protein, nutrition and espresso coffee in our High Protein Coffee Drink Mix.

CLICK is an all-in-one, low calorie, coffee protein meal replacement drink designed to boost energy, curb appetite, and promote fat burning. Perfect as breakfast meal replacement or mid-day, pick-me-up snack, CLICK provides a double-shot of espresso coffee - not coffee flavor, or synthetic caffeine, lasting premium protein along with 23 essential vitamins in every serving! CLICK® uses a premium grade protein, calcium caseinate.  Calcium caseinate is known as the "weight loss protein". Just like whey, it's a milk-based protein but it slower digesting to keep you full longer and along with the caffeine found in our espresso coffee curbs your cravings. The protein in CLICK® is also naturally low in sodium, fat and lactose, a good alternative for those who are lactose sensitive. Unlike other protein drinks, CLICK can be enjoyed hot just like your favorite coffee-house drink as well as iced or blended.

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