CLICK Coffee & Protein, Get Started, Canister Plus Shaker | You Pick Flavor | Save $5

Lose weight one cup at a time! For over 10 years, CLICK®, the original, best-selling, coffee protein meal replacement drink, has helped thousands achieve weight-loss success!

CLICK is available in 3 gourmet-tasting, coffee-house flavors! Each serving provides

  • double-shot espresso, premium protein & 23 essential vitamins, all-in-one delish coffee-house drink!

Special Offer: Your very special, limited-time offer includes 
  • Canister (You Pick The Flavor, mocha, vanilla latte or caramel)
  • 20 oz. Shaker with Stainless Steel Ball ($9.95 value)
  • $5 Savings for You!
  • Discounted Flat Rate Shipping 

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