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Here we are again, the New Year with resolutions, goals and a renewed energy to acheive success! For most of us, who thoroughly enjoyed the food festivities of the holiday season, weight loss is a part of our new year goals.  And, if you are anything like the CLICK family you are anxious to achieve weight-loss.  Let's face it, when the pants are feeling a little loser, that's often the motivation we need to stay on track to keep eating lighter and moving more! Here's a quick reminder on how to CLICK through out your day to maximize weight-loss results

  1. All-in-one morning meal replacement. Studies confirm that the best way to lose weight is to fuel your body with 10-20 grams of protein at EVERY meal. In fact, having protein for breakfast is one of the best, proven, weight loss solutions!   Add caffeine, and the result is a healthy energy boost to keep your metabolism burning  while providing the body with sustenance.
  2. Faster recovering, fatigue fighting, post workout drink.The latest research shows that combining caffeine with protein helps you achieve greater results and recover faster with less soreness
  3. Mid-day, appetite curbing, pick-me-up snack.The 1-2 combination of caffeine and protein is the perfect combination to solve the 2 o’clock blues
  4. Energy boosting, fat burning pre-workout drink .The body needs protein to build and maintain lean muscle tissue which helps to rev up your metabolism to burn fat. Studies show when caffeine is added, exercisers tend to workout harder and faster.

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