Why a Coffee-Only Breakfast Can Make You Fatter

March 28, 2017

On average, 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day! Yet, any nutritionist (and your mother ;) will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Just think about it.  Typically, it’s already been 12 hours since your last meal and if you wait until lunch, your body has gone over 16 hours without the nutrition it needs to function efficiently.

Skip Breakfast, Get Fat

Having too much caffeine and no food in the morning will make your blood sugar levels go up and down. Additionally, a coffee-only breakfast raises the stress hormone cortisol, leaving you hungry. Over time, elevated cortisol levels may lead to weight gain. Not to mention that you will become fatigued by mid afternoon. You need protein and complex carbs to keep your energy up until later in the day.

Research shows that eating breakfast energizes your body for the day ahead, stimulates brain function, and boosts sports performance. It may also lower the risk of chronic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes and helps to build healthier habits. What's interesting is that people who skip this meal tend to exercise less, drink more alcohol, and smoke more.  For these reasons, it's recommended that you enjoy your morning cup of Jo along with a healthy meal.

Breakfast keeps your blood sugar levels stable which helps prevent cravings and hunger pangs. Of course, this depends on what you eat. Ideally, the first meal of the day should be high in protein and slow digesting carbs. A high-sugar breakfast will send your insulin levels through the roof. CLICK Coffee Protein Drink boasts 16 grams of protein per serving and has only 110 calories, which makes it perfect for breakfast. Plus, many do not have the time or interest to eat breakfast and, in many cases, this is where CLICK Coffee Protein Drink becomes the go-to solution.

What are some other healthy breakfast options?

Opinions are mixed when it comes to the best breakfast foods out there. However, most experts agree that a balanced morning meal should provide complex sugars, lean protein, and fiber. Some examples include whole-grain pita with hummus and cottage cheese, vegetable omelette, boiled eggs and veggies, oatmeal with berries, whole-wheat bread and almond butter, or Greek yogurt with oat bran.

If you're on a low carb diet or you simply want to limit carbs, stick to protein and fats. Ham, poultry, eggs, avocado, and beef jerky with veggies or sweet potatoes are a healthy choice. Of course, starting your day with CLICK Coffee Protein provides all the nutrients your body needs plus the decadent coffee flavor and energy you crave! Fruit juices and smoothies are not as great as you think, especially first thing in the morning. These beverages contain a high-level of simple carbs which triggers blood sugar spikes. They do energize you, but this effect is temporary. A high-sugar breakfast will make you crash before lunch time.

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Drink Click Blog: Why a Coffee-Only Breakfast Can Make You Fatter

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