"Me Time" Tips for the Holiday Season

Want to sneak in some "me time" during the holiday season? Are you stressed and worn out already? From watching your favorite TV series to playing in the snow and baking cookies, there are lots of fun ways to relax. It's the perfect time to try a new sport, play Secret Santa, or simply take a break from everything.

Check out these simple tips to get that seasonal stress under control and find "me time:"

Listen to Your Body

Take a day off work or meditate for a few minutes to connect with your inner self. Listen to your body and try to figure out what you really need. Tell your loved ones that you’re retreating to a quiet room to get some rest. Close your eyes and focus on your feelings. Clear your mind and stop stressing over work, money, or house chores fir a few moments. Sometimes all it takes are 10 minutes of deep breathing while sitting in your bed or on a bench in the park.

Nourish Your Body

With all the holiday rush, it's easy to neglect yourself and stress out. When was the last time you've had a balanced meal or baked some healthy treats just for yourself? Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Have a delicious, high-protein breakfast, prepare a filling lunch, and enjoy a simple yet savory dinner. Drink CLICK Coffee Protein Drink in the morning or between meals to fuel your body and keep fit.

Prioritize Things

Check out your schedule for the holiday and determine what activities cause more stress than joy. Learn to say "no" and put yourself first. After all, you deserve a break. If you're not in mood to visit some distant relatives or spend the day cooking, don't do it. Ditch as many "stress increasing" activities from your schedule as possible.

Get Offline

Get away from Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Better yet, turn off your PC for a few days. This will allow you to free up some time and do the things you love. Enjoy the outdoors, go shopping for gifts, or do whatever helps you unwind.

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Drink Click Blog - "Me Time" Tips for the Holiday Season

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