4 Fun, Calorie-Burning Holiday Activities For You This Winter Season

December 05, 2017

Winter Exercises for Weight Loss

Feeling guilty about that extra piece of cake you've had last night? Want to enjoy your favorite holiday treats and stay lean? If so, keep active during the holiday season! With some planning, you can get your daily dose of exercise and burn those extra calories. Don’t worry - it's no need to hit the gym. Holiday activities, such as decorating the Christmas tree and shopping for gifts, can help you torch fat without even realizing it.

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Preparing your home for the holiday season is a simple, fun way to burn unwanted calories. For instance, you can burn an extra 40 calories just by changing bed linens for 15 minutes. Decorating the Christmas tree for half an hour burns over 85 calories. Serving drinks to your guests for one hour burns a whopping 146 calories. To torch an extra 190 calories, clean the house for 60 minutes.

 Put Your Cooking Skills to Work

Have you noticed how tired you feel when you're done cooking? That's because you’re burning about 159 calories per hour! Just make sure you don’t eat all those treats by yourself! Try new recipes, mix and match ingredients, and make cooking a fun habit. Drink CLICK between meals to keep you from overindulging this holiday season!

Shovel the Snow

Who says you can’t have your cookie and stay lean? Shoveling the snow off your driveway or roof for one hour burns over 400 calories, offering a full body workout. You can even help your neighbors do their driveway! Cold weather causes the body to burn more energy to maintain its temperature. The more time you spend outdoors, the higher your calorie expenditure.

Indulge in Winter Sports

Snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, and other winter sports burn a ton of calories! Not to mention how much fun you'll have while on the slopes! Even basic activities like sledding torch over 240 calories in just 30 minutes. To burn an extra 480 calories, go ice skating for an hour or so. If you're not into sports, build a snowman in your backyard. This outdoor activity burns around 300 calories per hour. Then relax an enjoy a tall refreshing glass of CLICK Active to get more results from your outdoor exercising and to help you recover faster so you can get on to the next holiday activity! #ClickOn

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Drink Click Blog: 4 Fun, Calorie-Burning Holiday Activities

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