Perk Up Your Potential With 5 Healthy Living Tips

October 09, 2016

Beth Smith, CLICKco LLC Co-founder and life-long fitness buff, helped design CLICK to support a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and nutrition. As the former owner of a chain of women’s fitness centers, Beth has experience helping individuals meet their weight loss and fitness goals. She offers these tips healthy living tips so help you finally reach you health and weigh-loss goals:

1. You can't change what you don't see ~ Don't "hide" in your winter comfy clothes.  Put on those skinny jeans and form-fitting tops to keep you motivated to make the next right healthy choice.

2. Are you getting enough protein?  ~ Make sure you include protein in each meal to curb your appetite.  For weight management, the average person should consume half their body weight in grams of healthy proteins. For example, a 160 pound individual should consume 80 grams of protein per day. It is the 15 grams of protein in each serving of CLICK that makes it an excellent meal-on the-go.  Here is an simple, easy to follow weight loss plan

3. Fuel your body to burn fat ~ Just like a campfire, you need to keep your metabolism fueled to burn fat.  Eat small, well-balanced mini-meals throughout the day. When you can’t have a mini-meal, try a nutritious meal replacement, like CLICK.

4. Don't forget the calories you drink ~Liquid candy is one of the worst culprits in weight gain. Whether it’s your favorite morning frappe dessert drink or simply the juice you drink to get extra nutrients in your diet, it's important to be aware of the total calories you eat and drink. Choosing beverages that are low in calories and high in nutrients can also help curb your appetite and leave you feeling more satisfied throughout the day.

5. Commit to get fit ~ Whether it’s walking 10,000 steps a day, going to the gym three times a week, or joining a local swim club, it's important to announce to your friends, family and/or fans your intent. Being public about your goals provides accountability and accountability leads to success.

Following these tips should put anyone who is serious about improving their level of fitness on the road to reaching their goals. When it comes to maintaining a healthy weight, there is no substitute for proper diet, exercise and nutrition. As a nutritious energy drink, CLICK provides the fuel it takes to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

CLICK can be enjoyed hot as a coffee substitute or cold as a gourmet frappe drink, and, with a cost of just over a dollar per serving, it makes a cost effective alternative to high priced drinks offered by chain coffee stores. For special recipes and serving suggestions, visit our recipe section here

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Drink Click Blog - Perk Up Your Potential With 5 Healthy Living Tips

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