Scariest Part of Halloween: Excess Calories, Sugar & Fat

October 13, 2016

Halloween can be very scary! From Halloween through Valentines, the average American gains 5 to 7 pounds from excess sugar and fat found mostly in candy and holiday drinks! But now you have a choice; let CLICK, a decadent coffee proteindrink,  do the trick. Here’s how CLICK fans are boosting energy, burning fat and curbing their appetite and scaring away those dreaded calories!

Pre or Post Work Out Snack

“I am one of those early morning exercises and I often felt my workouts were energy-less. Now,  I enjoy CLICK before I workout and lost 7 lbs in less than a month because I reduced my calories and have the energy to work out much harder!” ~ Jill D.

Morning Meal Replacement

“CLICK is my breakfast. Protein, espresso coffee, vitamins and minerals all in one delish drink, it’s all I need. What takes CLICK over the top its light on calories and my wallet too! I am proud to say “I had my CLICK today” because I know I am doing something better for myself.” ~ Lenore S.

Mid-afternoon Pick-Me-Up

“What I love about CLICK is that it’s not only low in calories but low in sugar as well!  I am a teacher; CLICK is my perfect solution against the mid day slump and curbs my appetite until dinner.” ~ Carolyn B.

After-Dinner Protein Packed Dessert Drink

"I lost 60 pounds using CLICK as my morning meal replacement and then again with CLICK decaf as an after-dinner dessert and I really looked forward to having my CLICK every day"  ~ Terri P.

One of the benefits of CLICK, as a coffee protein powdered drink mix, is you can have it your way!  You might like some of our CLICK fan recipes along with our seasonal Pumpkin Spice recipe variations found in our recipe blog here

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Drink Click Blog - Scariest Part of Halloween: Excess Calories, Sugar & Fat

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