CLICK Coffee Protein Recipes

Inspiring CLICK Recipe Ideas

January 24, 2017

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CLICK'n Snickerdoodle Smoothie Recipe

January 17, 2017

Satisfy your cookie & coffee craving all-in-one with this fun, weight-friendly, protein-packed recipe sent in by Sharon K.

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CLICK: Coffee, Protein and Oatmeal Too

January 10, 2017 1 Comment

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Favorite Winter CLICK Coffee Protein Recipes

January 01, 2017

Since CLICK only has 120 calories per serving and 6 grams of sugar per serving, it makes the perfect base ingredient for a wide variety of coffee protein recipes.  Here are a few, fun, festive CLICK recipes sure to delight any coffee lover’s taste buds this winter season!

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CLICKmas COCOA Recipes

December 19, 2016 1 Comment

With the hustle and bustle of the season, it is nice to know that you can rejuvenate with a little CLICKmas in a cup!  Whether it’s a cocoa that tastes like a gingerbread cookie or a yummy candy cane there is something in our CLICKmas Cocoa recipes for everyone. Keep sippin’ and CLICK’n this Season!


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Candy Cane CLICK for the Holidays

December 08, 2016 3 Comments

A fan favorite, let the comfort of Candy Cane CLICK be your healthy, coffee protein, indulgence this holiday season.  Made with CLICK Mocha or CLICK Mocha Decaf, you can enjoy this cup of CLICKmas day or night!  Packed with protein and low in calories, sugar and fat (not to mention the $savings), we heard from Mrs. Claus that even Santa may be giving up his traditional cocoa for this decadent but nutritious CLICK treat!

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Hazelnut Mocha CLICK

November 14, 2016 2 Comments

CLICK is one of the few protein powders designed to be enjoyed hot, as well as cold or blended. You're going to love this recipe as hazelnut's sweet and buttery flavor "clicks" perfectly with coffee and chocolate!

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Cinnamon Caramel CLICK

November 04, 2016

CLICK is one of the few protein powders designed to be enjoyed hot, as well as cold or blended. With a hint of cinnamon combined with subtly sweet caramel and the rich CLICK espresso flavor, this decadent drink is so good, you’ll forget with all the protein and nutrition packed in, that it's good for you too! 
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CLICK Pumpkin Spice Protein Bites

October 24, 2016

The mantra at CLICK is "substitute, not sacrifice"!   To substitute, whip up a batch of our yummy CLICK Pumpkin Spice Protein Bites.  These edible energizers can help stave off the sugar craving while allowing the protein in your CLICK and the fiber in the pure pumpkin to fill you up.

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Protein-Packed, Candy Corn CLICK Frappe for Halloween

October 14, 2016

This delish, fun, protein-packed, Halloween pick-me-up recipe combines the sweet taste of candy corn with the rich flavor of gourmet espresso coffee. 

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Pumpkin Spice CLICK-Cakes (Coffee Protein Pancakes)

October 02, 2016

We don’t know about you, but a nice hot breakfast on a cool morning, gets our metabolism CLICK’n withcoffee and proteinall-in-one!  How about these protein-packed Pumpkin Spice CLICK-cakes to celebrate the beautiful fall season!

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Salted Caramel Mocha CLICK Frappe

September 24, 2016

A healthier-for-you, protein-packed delicious recipe with a delightful combination of sweet, salt and of course, with the rich flavor of CLICK! 

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