Coffee Protein CLICK-Pop July 15, 2016 16:30

CLICK-Pop, made with CLICK Espresso Protein Drink, is a fun, tasty summer treat that helps you lose weight and feel great!   Unlike ice cream, CLICK-Pops are low in sugar, fat and calories and are perfect for a mid-day snack or after-dinner dessert. Plus, with CLICK’s unique gourmet coffee and protein combination, you stay full longer, your metabolism works more efficiently and you feel energized longer to keep "CLICK'n On" all summer long!

Basic CLICK-Pop Recipe
  • 1 scoop of CLICK Mocha, Vanilla Latte or Caramel
  • 1/2 box (1.5 oz.) sugar-free instant chocolate pudding
  • 8 oz milk (any kind)
Blend together and pour into popsicle mold. Freeze at least 3 hours and enjoy!!!