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Ways to Make Your Workouts Fun This Fall Season October 08, 2016 15:52

The fall season flies by in a flash, so take advantage of the cool weather to rev up your workout! All you need is some creativity and motivation. From hiking and jogging to cycling and boot camps, there are plenty of ways to make exercise fun. Here are some workout ideas to help you get started:

Take Your Workout Outdoors

Enjoy the most beautiful season of the year by spending time outdoors. Brisk walking, rock climbing, beach running, and other fun activities will help you burn those extra pounds and energize your body. You can even do your favorite exercise outdoors by using a set of dumbbells or kettlebells. If you don’t have a barbell or free weights, use your own bodyweight. Try push-ups, sumo squats, jumping squats, burpees, walking lunges, and other simple exercise that work your whole body.

Make It Social

Fitness is fun when you're surrounded by friends. Get your loved ones on board and plan something together. Create your own boot camp, set up a group challenge, or lunch a competition with prizes. Rent a cabin in the mountains over the weekend and plan a series of activities like apple picking, hiking trips, or adventure tours. Find a sport that you used to enjoy in your childhood and take it up again. Don’t forget to drink your CLICK in the morning for a quick nutrition boost!

Join a Race

Team up with your spouse or best friend for a race, or do it on your own. Take the time to prepare yourself and build up your endurance. Train at least three times a week, add more protein to your diet, and fuel your body with complex carbs to have the energy needed for a challenging workout. Energize your work-out with a CLICK, or enjoy it as a post workout treat also great for recovery. If it's cold outside, drink a Hot CLICK to warm up and get ready for training.

About CLICK, The Coffee Lover's Protein Drink™

CLICK Coffee Protein Drink®, is the brainchild of life-long fitness buffs and entrepreneur couple, Greg and Beth Smith. CLICKco LLC located in Clovis, CA strives to be an ethical company providing premium all-in-one beverages to enhance those seeking healthier lifestyles. In this spirit, we partner NCI Affiliates, a non-profit, that empowers, educates and employs adults with disabilities,to package and ship our orders. We created CLICK Coffee Protein Drink  for you to help you achieve your health, weight-loss and fitness goals. Let us know what more we can do as a company to keep you inspired to reach your goals. Also, please be sure to take advantage of our new Referral Program to help spread the word about CLICK ~ the Coffee Lovers Protein Drink!


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