Glutamine and BCAAs: Your Secret Weapons to a Better Workout

August 01, 2017

Ready to upgrade your workouts? Want to get leaner, stronger, and faster? In this case, you need a balanced diet and proper supplements. Food alone isn't enough for reaching peak athletic performance. That’s why CLICK Active our newest coffee protein drink contains the supplements you need to get the most out of your workout. After protein, glutamine and BCAAs are the most important supplements for obtaining exercise results. Let's see how these will benefit your workouts!

What Are BCAAs?

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) support muscle growth and recovery. They include valine, leucine, and isoleucine. Compared to other amino acids, these compounds are easier to digest and break down. As a result, they provide your muscles with a quick source of fuel.

Leucine, the "main" BCAA, increases protein synthesis and keeps your body in an anabolic state. Valine aids in the production of enzymes, helps build lean mass, and boosts overall strength. Isoleucine delivers energy to the muscle tissue during exercise. Low levels of this nutrient can lead to muscle loss.

BCAAs play a key role in metabolism and muscle building. In general, athletes take these supplements during periods of prolonged dieting or intense exercise. For instance, fitness models use BCAAs to preserve lean mass while on a low calorie diet. These nutrients speed up recovery from training and injury, increase fat burning, and improve body composition. In the long run, they reduce muscle fatigue and enhance mental focus.

Research shows that people with a high intake of BCAAs have more muscle mass and less visceral fat. These supplements may also improve insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, which aids in fat loss. If you have a hard time recovering from training, BCAAs can help. They not only lower the rate of protein breakdown, but also increase the rate of protein synthesis.

Other studies indicate that BCAAs decrease tryptophan levels in the brain, which allows you to work out harder and stay focused. Some experts say that if you already have a high protein intake, these supplements are not necessary. It actually depends on your ability to recover from training. If you're dieting and working out for hours, BCAAs will keep you energized and prevent catabolism. For optimum results, consume five to 10 grams per serving.

What about L-Glutamine?

Along with BCAAs, glutamine can take your workouts to the next level. This amino acid boosts immunity while reducing the catabolic state induced by heavy lifting. It's a great choice for those looking to recover faster and gain strength. It actually works better for muscle repair than BCAAs. In a study, athletes who took glutamine reported less fatigue post-workout compared to the group using branched chain amino acids.

This nutrient also supports immune function and fights inflammation. Medically, it is used in the treatment of leaky gut syndrome, IBS, IBD, diabetes, and brain disorders. Evidence shows that l-glutamine maintains gut integrity and improves digestive health. It also protects the lining of the stomach and speeds up healing from ulcers. Due to its protective effect on the brain, it improves mental focus and concentration.

Athletes and gym goers take l-glutamine to perform better and reduce recovery time between workouts. This amino acid improves sports performance by lowering exercise-induced inflammation and oxidative stress. It's also helpful for those struggling with hunger and sugar cravings. Glutamine supplementation regulates appetite and curbs cravings for alcohol and sugary treats. When used regularly, it revs up your metabolism and helps your body flush out toxins. It also supports overall health, especially digestion and immune function.

Now with CLICK Active - The Coffee Lovers' Protein Drink, you can have the workout benefits of both these supplements in one delicious coffee protein drink! This high-protein beverage offers optimum ratios of BCAAs and l-glutamine plus caffeine. There are over 25 grams of protein one serving, which further promotes muscle growth. The premium blend of casein and whey isolate will fuel your muscles for hours, leading to better gains in size and strength.

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