Ten Lumps of Sugar Please! August 29, 2012 13:33

Ten (10) lumps of sugar with my coffee, is what you are actually asking for when you order anyone of the more popular coffee house drinks. There was a time when you ordered coffee you would be asked “one lump or two?”  One lump of sugar or sugar cube is a teaspoon; so, one lump or two was about one to two teaspoons of sugar and maybe a splash of cream.  Most coffee house concoctions begin at 10 grams of sugar and can have as many as 60 grams of sugar in one coffee drink.   While these drinks are fun and flavorful, even the smallest Frappuccino drink packs over 10 lumps of sugar or 10 teaspoons in one (1) 12 oz. serving.  That’s more sugar than a Snicker’s candy bar!  If you ate 1 to 3 candy bars a day, you would expect to gain weight and become unhealthy.  The truth is that most of these seemingly innocent coffee drinks are basically liquefied caffeinated candy.  The high ingestion of sugar is a signal to your body to move into fat storage mode.  Here is what happens in your body.

Ingesting high amounts of sugar rapidly raises your blood glucose levels quickly causing the pancreas to go into overdrive and secrete insulin in an attempt to lower blood sugar. The insulin drives the glucose into your cells to be used as energy but when extra energy is not needed it is stored as fat!   When in overdrive, the body will often produce too much insulin. Extra insulin in your bloodstream tricks your brain into thinking you need more glucose, which triggers food cravings for more sweet foods.   This is the time you opt for the chocolate muffin after your morning Frappuccino.

The cycle continues when your blood sugar drops and gets too low.  Your  body’s response is to release a stress hormone like adrenaline and cortisol in an attempt to get your blood sugar level back up to acceptable levels.  Wonder why you experience weight gain around your belly?  That’s due to your body’s over production of cortisol which results in mid-section weight gain!

If you are trying to lose weight, substituting or using coffee drinks to replace meals, is not your answer. The more sugar you down at any one time—resulting in a greater rise in blood glucose and, consequently, in insulin—the longer you stay in fat-storage mode.

Take control and know how much sugar you are consuming in a day.  Not just from desserts but from what you eat and drink as well!  The American Heart Association recommends about six (6) teaspoons (or lumps) of added sugar a day for women and nine (9) for men.  Also, look for healthier alternatives for the food and drinks you enjoy by substituting rather than eliminating.  This behavior change is much easier to make.  For gourmet coffee lovers, CLICK Espresso Protein is the perfect substitution with just under two teaspoons of sugar, 120 calories, 15 grams of protein and a double shot of espresso coffee.  Starting the day with a coffee protein drink with less sugar will reduce the insulin and cortisol levels while maintaining a more constant blood sugar level by using protein which is certainly a plus for your mid-section.  Daily exercise fueled by a gourmet coffee drink, that is low in sugar and packed with protein, now that’s a combination that CLICKs!

Just Ask the Smiths

Greg and Beth Smith, Fitness Experts and Founders of CLICKco, LLC makers of CLICK Espresso Protein Drink® share their healthy living insights on /category/blog. The couple owned and operated their own chain of women’s fitness centers in California and Greg has a degree in health and human performance.  Please contact Beth@drinkclick.com if you have a question regarding weight loss or healthy living and the Smith’s will be happy to “click” with you and share their perspective and expertise.

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