For Weight Loss, Not All Protein Drinks Are Created Equal January 16, 2013 08:28

People with the goal of losing weight commonly turn to protein shakes in their weight-loss regimens. However, just because you see the word “protein” doesn’t mean it’s a dieter’s best friend.  Many protein shakes on the market are actually too high in protein and contain too much fat and calories to support weight loss effectively.  These products are often designed for exercisers who are training to add muscle bulk not necessarily reduce calories and weight.   Plus many protein shakes and drinks lack the essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that body is getting overall nutrition while slimming down.  Hence, many protein shakes are mainly designed to add calories and enhance a meal rather than replace it!

Greg and Beth Smith, creators of CLICK Espresso Protein Drink®, developed CLICK as a healthier alternative to high calorie; high fat protein shakes on the market.  Knowing that people turn to protein drinks for weight loss, the Smith’s, owners of a small chain of fitness centers in California, wanted a protein-based drink that was also low in calories, sugar and fat while providing nutrition.   The Smith’s didn’t stop there.  From years of feedback from their members, they also knew that many protein shakes lack the taste and energy consumers crave which is why the Smith’s landed on an outrageously, delicious protein and coffee, all-in-one solution

What should you look for in a nutritious, protein-based meal replacement drink?

  • Powder Drink Mix.  A powdered drink mix lets you control the calories.  When you first start utilizing a daily meal replacement, 150 to 200 calories may not be enough to hold you over to the next meal.  In that case, mix the powder with ½ water and ½ milk to get additional calories for the first few months and then explore eliminating the added calories from milk.
  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals.  When looking at ingredients we often think less is more, but in the case of real meal replacement drinks, most of the ingredients listed are essential vitamins and minerals that you want for overall nutrition.
  • High in Protein.  Most research recommends at least 10 grams especially for breakfast.  Again, if you utilize a powdered drink mix you can increase the protein by mixing with milk or soy milk if you have specific dietary needs for more protein.

Also, CLICK Espresso Protein Drink contains a double shot of espresso coffee not only for the incredible gourmet taste and energy but coffee is a natural thermogenic which helps to enhance fat burning and also masks fatigue and speeds up recovery in exercise.

Along with exercise, which aids weight control and promotes good health, meal replacements can have a successful role in promoting weight loss especially when incorporated into the goal of learning lifelong healthy eating choices.

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