A Healthy Labor Day is Just a CLICK away August 28, 2014 17:02

At CLICK, we like to have fun with family & friends. Every holiday is an occasion to choose a healthy food alternative, wouldn’t you agree? And what’s a holiday without Dessert! So with Labor Day right around the corner, we thought our families and yours would enjoy CLICK-y pudding (Recipe #33), better yet…CLICK Me S’More Pudding (Recipe #36). Doesn’t that sound decadent?? With CLICK Espresso Protein Drink you can transform your favorite childhood pudding into a protein-enhanced dessert that not only tastes good, but also is good for you, now that CLICKs!

Our new e-book 50 Ways to CLICK by Nikki Massie has some yummy recipes to help you CLICK on to a healthier lifestyle. At CLICK, taste is key. We use only the finest ingredients to give you a great-tasting and nutrient-packed coffee protein drink or in this case protein-packed dessert! For life is a marathon, let’s enjoy the food journey;)

The greatest compliment you can give is “sharing” this information with friends! A healthier lifestyle for all is just a CLICK away.

Will you be enjoying some CLICK-y pudding with friends and family this Labor Day?

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